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Macros Explained – An Easy To Understand, Comprehensive Guide

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This eBook is your ultimate guide to macro prescription for health, performance, and aesthetics! Note this eBook is delivered electronically.
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Our goal is to educate you on how to properly structure your eating choices WITHIN your current lifestyle.
We recognize that there are lots of popular “diets” out there, but the lack of true education has left you—the consumer—frustrated. This book will not favor one method over another; rather, it will serve as a set of objective, no-nonsense facts to help you move forward in your own individual journey.
The following information has helped people across the world in their fitness journeys, and we’re confident that it will help you, too. However, you must be ready to take action. While knowledge is the missing ingredient publicly, implementation is often what is missing personally . Be ready to make the necessary changes and you WILL find success!

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