The IN³ Nutrition Coaches

Even though our coaches work remotely with 1,000s of people just like you, we have coaches located all over the country.

Alison Phillips – Ashburn VA


I am originally from Scotland and moved to the USA in 2000 on a volleyball scholarship to George Mason University. I graduated in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in Teaching Physical Education and Health and then taught Physical Education to elementary through middle school for 13 years which I loved! I began CrossFit in 2010 and instantly found a new passion. In August 2016 I was able to turn this passion into my full time career when I became the head coach at Old Glory Gym in Ashburn VA.

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Amanda Barelli – Rancho Mission Viejo, CA


I have been into fitness and been Personal Training for the last 12 Years. I was a Collegiate Cross Country and Track Athlete at Seattle University where I graduated with a degree In Marketing. I Found Crossfit in 2008 and have been doing it ever since. I have been To CrossFit Regionals competing as an individual in SO CAL in 2010, 2011, 2012 , 2013, 2014. Currently a CF Certified Level 1 and a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Ladera Ranch Strength and Conditioning.

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Amanda Stegmann – Boston, MA

I’ve always been an active person. Track, yoga, kickboxing, dancing. I enjoy physical fitness and deeply admire the talent and athleticism displayed by my fellow coaches. While I enjoy exercise, I’ve also been interested in the scientific side of how our bodies function as well. This interest led me to Northeastern University where I earned my Master’s of Science in Nutrition, Specializing in Obesity and Eating Disorders. I implemented this knowledge during my career as a social worker and continued when I spent 4 years as the nutritionist for the largest HIV agency in New England counseling hundreds of patients with chronic illnesses and co-morbidities. These illnesses were complicated and deserved more individualized treatment so this year, I wrote and published a nutritionally focused cookbook to treat complications from chronic illness.

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Brandy Wann – Orem, UT


When I was 25, I had a hard look in the mirror and thought this cannot be as good as it gets.  I was at my highest weight and stuffing myself into my clothes because I was too prideful and embarrassed to go up another size.  

This is when I discovered CrossFit and after a few months, I started seeing some changes.  Almost a year after that I was stalled in my weight loss and I finally accepted the fact that I HAD to change my eating.  That’s when I really saw dramatic changes in my weight and body composition. 

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Cassidy Duffield – Midvale, UT


I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years. After that I was a globo gym rat until I discovered CrossFit! I competed at the South CrossFit regional with a team in 2013, 2014, 2015, and as an individual in 2016. I’m also a competitive 69 kg weightlifter and won my first National meet, making me the National Champion in 2014, and 4th in the country 2015 after coming back from an injury. Since then I’ve focused on competing and training as an individual for CrossFit. I coach CrossFit and am the head barbell coach out of SLC CrossFit in Utah.

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Chasity Snowden – Milton, GA

ChasSnowden-croppedI started off in high school with eating disorders in order to lose weight. Once in college the eating disorders were in full swing and started researching how I could lose weight and be healthy. I was diagnosed with a digestive disorder, anxiety and depression, and put on a lot of medications. Around this time I realized how food could change all that and started changing my lifestyle habits. Years later I tried bikini competition and the eating disorders came back with a vengeance so I quit and gained weight again and tried to go back to clean food. Once I started Crossfit three years ago I realized I could not simply eat clean in order to perform. After going through the process with Jason and realizing there was an easier way where I could fit good nutrition into my traveling life, AND become an elite athlete, I wanted to share with as many as possible.

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Jessica Durando – Alexandria, LA

I currently serve as the Mindset Specialist for the iN3 team, and am responsible for creating and teaching our L1 Mindset Speciality Course taught through the Nutrition Coaching Institute. I earned my bachelor’s degrees in psychology and sociology from the University of Georgia and went on to earn my Masters in Social Work. I obtained my license as a clinical social worker in 2011. I’ve worked in a variety of settings, typically providing counseling and emotional support to individuals as they experience times of transition in their lives. I’ve always been drawn to helping facilitate progress and empowering individuals to make positive changes in their lives. I now utilize my background in counseling and my passion for nutrition to focus on the mind-body connection, and creating long-term success.

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Laurie King – Austin, TX


I graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition, & Dietetics. I coached CrossFit for quite a few years and also traveled with CrossFit Gymnastics Seminar Staff. I finished top 50 on the South Central Leaderboard for the 2017 CrossFit Open, and also had the awesome opportunity to compete at the South Central Regionals in 2016. I’m currently Head of our Mentorship Program for the Nutritional Coaching Institute & Director of Education of iN3. Later this year, I’ll also be releasing my own specialty course related to Women’s Health/Women’s Hormones.

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Marcos Rivera – Henderson, NV


After playing a variety of sports in high school, I found myself competing in CrossFit competitions. I kept at it, and was eventually competing in the CrossFit Games at the Regional level. Prior to counting my macros, I failed multiple times to qualify as an individual regionals athlete. I was falling short and realized I needed to make a change with my nutrition. Once I began counting my macros and weighing my food proportions, I was successful in obtaining an individual athlete invitation.

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Stesha Gulick – Billings, MT

I’m a lot like you – I’ve struggled to find balance with food, hormones, and training my entire life. Through high school and college, I suffered from an eating disorder and exercise addiction which led to hypothyroidism and irregular menses all in the name of fitting society’s mold of what it meant to be worthy. And although I never wish that struggle upon anyone, overcoming these struggles has given me the unique experience and insight to help you in your own battle against your inner demons.

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Travis Zipper – Las Vegas, NV

Since submerging myself in the Fitness realm many years ago, I have since taken a serious interest in helping people realize their full potential. It started with personal training but after seeing many people come up short of realizing their goals, I started to look inward at people’s lifestyle habits and quality of life. This is where I found that the majority of people had numerous nutritional issues and because of it, most were suffering.

Nearly four years ago, I worked as a Nutritionist/Diet Coach for a medical weight loss / Anti-Aging Clinic helping patients fix hormonal imbalances and lose weight with the aid of a team of doctors and (unfortunately) many times with pharmaceuticals.

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Tyler Wright – Johns Creek, GA

From the time I was 13 years old I began to ponder and seek ways to maximize the potential of the human body. I’ve been into multiple realms of fitness and played multiple sports in the last 11 years, including college football. I decided to make this a career while still in college which led me to where I am today.

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Anna Lou Hathaway – Brazil

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iN³ Nutrition

Completely revolutionized nutrition coaching. His approach is rooted in the foundation that a proper prescription is based on each unique individual, not a template of information based on physical statistics. By creating an unprecedented level of access within the nutrition coaching relationship, Jason gets to know each individual - both who they are and what they need to be successful. Welcome to the new model of nutrition COACHING - the real way to finally find success!

iN³ Nutrition specializes in macro nutrition coaching for:

  • - Crossfit Games Athletes
  • - Body Building
  • - Weight Loss
  • - Strength Gains
  • - Optimal Health
  • - Body Transformations