The Why Behind the Why W/ Jason, Teddy & Toni! | Jason Phillips Nutrition| iN³ Nutrition

Jason, Teddy, and Toni break it down for us during their “Thursday Thoughts.”  This trio wants you to be happier, freer, and more confident and the only way to do that is to find out your why behind the why and to be true to yourself.

“Operating at the deepest level of success, you’ll find your ‘why.’”

-Jason Phillips

“Taking action towards something that’s bigger than themselves, that’s what builds self-confidence.”


“You can’t put a price on being comfortable in your own skin.”


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[3:52] – Are you holding yourself back?

[9:19] – To be successful you must be passionate about what you are doing

[11:01] – Admirable why

[17:00] – Crash diets don’t work

[18:29] – Learn to love the process

[26:28] – People need to know where they are going

[30:35] – Authenticity always wins

[33:42] – Goals are defined by who wins in the end

[43:11] – Are you running from your actual feelings

[47:18] – Something to think about


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