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My kick a$$ client Sara has truly transformed inside and out. I am ecstatic to have her share her story with you, and inspire anyone reading this who may be hesitant about starting their journey to feel empowered! Myself and the entire coaching staff at iN3 are here to be your guide to reaching your goals and living your best life!

“Like most of us who are on this nutrition journey, we don’t know where to start when someone asks us to tell about our story. Almost 20 weeks ago, I started my journey with IN3 and my wonderful nutrition coach Chasity. So many things have been revealed and resonated with me and my long journey with food and nutrition that I felt compelled to share a little of my story, as you embark on this lifestyle transformation. We all have stories, we all have goals, we all have had setbacks and triumphs. Yes, we want to lose the weight, drop body fat %, fit into your size 6 jeans, and be beach body ready! But I beg you to detach your self-worth from those numerical and aesthetic goals.

Personally, I have tried every diet, template, program you can think of! Name it, I have done it. It wasn’t until I found iN3 (or really Chasity found me, thank God for her) that I realized how toxic and obsessed I was with food, body image, and training. My sleep was non-existent, my period was non-existent, and my goals in and out of the gym seemed way out of reach. I “coached” myself into what I thought was a healthy state and avoided social situations that would potentially lead me to eat like a NORMAL person. Restrictions led to combat, combat led to self-hatred, self-hatred crippled my quality of life. Achieving a six pack was a waste of my time. The amount of time I spent focusing on food could have been used in many different productive outlets! Do I want abs? Yes, I also want ice cream and pizza. Do I still have goals? Absolutely! Am I going to reach them? Absolutely! Am I going to stop eating peanut butter out of a jar? Absolutely NOT! I have changed so much mentally, spiritually, and physically over the last few months! Body composition has changed, performance and PRs continue to happen, I sleep 8-10 a night, I have a period, and life is so good. I didn’t realize how bad I felt until I felt this good.

So, I leave you with this…

Happiness is not a weight or shape, and the body you “had” is not superior to the body you have now. Knowing that you are worthy, right now – in this moment, gives you the freedom to work with your body when pursuing health. It means giving yourself the flexibility to eat more or rest when needed, and doing workouts that you actually enjoy – not just doing the ones you think you “should” do.

P.S. If your goals are performance related … you better get rid of that carb fear … you are going to need them 🙂 ” – Your Fan, Sara

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