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Why do you need to know your past to move into the future? Justin Murphy joins Jason to discuss that very question. Justin is a nutrition graduate, coach, and owner of iCoach Nutrition. He has developed what he calls Identity Mapping. This is a new method of training assessment tools to help you make the most of your one opportunity at life. Listen to hear how Justin’s time in jail led him to create the most unique coaching experience for his clients. Gain some powerful knowledge on how you can shape your future through problems.

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You only get one life. You get one opportunity. You get one shot.

-Justin Murphy


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3:48 – How Justin went from running someone else’s company to being a successful business owner in Miami in less than 12 months

8:00 – The destructive nature of ecstasy — Why a football scholarship might have saved Justin’s life

15:58 – Justin was literally rescued by God. Why jail time was the one thing Justin needed to recover his own path

20:26 – You’ve mistreated yourself. Don’t understand? You do this one thing to yourself every day and it’s holding you back

23:50 – Why transitions help build your character and lead you to your potential

29:09 – Don’t hide what you’ve been through. Justin tells how you can use your story to connect and impact others on a deeper level

34:36 – How you can use your Identity Map to take your past and use it to shape your future

41:07 – The ultimate perspective of life that will forever change how you think about your nutrition, your career, your family, and your character

45:56 – Where you can find resources to find your identity and follow your Identity Map to a greater understanding of how you need to improve


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Completely revolutionized nutrition coaching. His approach is rooted in the foundation that a proper prescription is based on each unique individual, not a template of information based on physical statistics. By creating an unprecedented level of access within the nutrition coaching relationship, Jason gets to know each individual - both who they are and what they need to be successful. Welcome to the new model of nutrition COACHING - the real way to finally find success!

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