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To lose weight, you should eat more food! If you’re dieting but still gaining weight, find out why your diet may be the cause of your weight gain. What’s the solution? Reverse dieting. Today’s guest is Brandy Wann, a reverse dieting expert and Macro Nutrition Coach for iN3 Nutrition. Hear how dieting actually causes your body to think that it’s starving. Also, learn why exercising 6 days a week is hurting your body more than helping it.

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It takes a little bit of time for your body to catch up and figure out what we’re doing.

-Brandy Wann

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4:37 – Want other options besides the everyday diet? Find out why ADDING calories to her nutrition has actually allowed Brandy and others to LOSE weight

9:11 – Do you know the difference between dieting and starving yourself? Brandy shares how your diet might actually be causing you to gain weight

14:53 – If you start reverse dieting, you may experience these 5 situations that will let you know you’re on the right track

20:48 – No matter what kind of coach you are, Brandy can tell you how to make your coaching connect on deeper levels of understanding

26:39 – Reverse dieting may require you to exercise LESS! Why your body will actually love it if you change your exercise schedule

30:43 – 2 signs that you are overtraining your body and what you can do to change that

36:21 – Are you judging your success based on 2 weeks? Find out why your progress is actually seen after 4-6 weeks

40:08 – Brandy has become one of the most sought after coaches in the business. How she has created a unique and personal coaching experience for her clients

43:12 – How can you know if the reverse diet is for you and where can you find resources on reverse dieting so you can get started


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