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The best way to create instant success is to create solutions for the niche you connect with. Christy Campbell is a prime example of this. After having 10 knee surgeries and 3 kids, Christy realized she was not in optimal health. So she got healthy, solidified her habits, and started coaching others to do the same through Fit Me Nutrition and Fit Me Pregnancy. Today, you’ll learn how to identify your niche to build an untouchable business in a saturated field. And if you’re pregnant, Christy also shares the secret to fitness success during pregnancy. Listen now to get started!

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Wherever you are in your journey there’s something that you can be doing to feel good in your body.

-Christy Campbell

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2:06 – The 2 keys to discovering your niche and gaining confidence to share your story

6:45 – The difference between Weight Watchers and a successful coach

13:32 – How Christy distinguishes herself from others in the fitness and nutrition field and how you can do the same

18:19 – Decisions rule feelings: How to progress towards your goals even if you have zero motivation

23:19 – Christy’s blueprints for fitness and nutritional consistency during pregnancy

28:00 – How to conquer your fears to achieve optimal health, start your coaching with confidence, and launch your own business towards global impact

34:41 – What should you do with your achievements? Christy has a world-shattering answer that will set you up for lasting success

37:22 – Your insecurities are the key to mind-blowing success: Why that wrinkle you have always hated is your next step to incredible fitness

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Completely revolutionized nutrition coaching. His approach is rooted in the foundation that a proper prescription is based on each unique individual, not a template of information based on physical statistics. By creating an unprecedented level of access within the nutrition coaching relationship, Jason gets to know each individual - both who they are and what they need to be successful. Welcome to the new model of nutrition COACHING - the real way to finally find success!

iN³ Nutrition specializes in macro nutrition coaching for:

  • - Crossfit Games Athletes
  • - Body Building
  • - Weight Loss
  • - Strength Gains
  • - Optimal Health
  • - Body Transformations

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