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Already following a well-known strength program, in addition to his HIIT sessions, mobility, and goal of 10,000 steps per day, Zach seemed to be doing everything right except his body STILL wasn’t changing. Zach came to iN3 at 27% BF with the goal of sub 15%, but he was out of ideas on how to get there. That wasn’t his ONLY goal, however; he also wanted to maintain his health, strength and athleticism throughout the process.

As a full time student majoring in engineering, we had to get creative with workout and nutrient timing, ways to buy whole, organic foods on a budget, as well as, allow flexibility to navigate alcohol and social events.

Check. Check. And check!

I am happy to say that we found a personal plan for Zach that was ever evolving, sometimes as frequent as on a weekly basis, due to life events such as exams, graduation, and moving across the country for a job all required different strategies and protocols in order to be successful.

“Before I started nutrition coaching with Stesha I was seriously struggling to make any progress whatsoever. As soon as we got started it was like I had a perfect set of guidelines on exactly what I needed to do. All I had to do was follow her instructions and the results came!”

-Zach Hinton

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