Battle Ready and Healthier than Ever! | Jason Phillips Nutrition| iN³ Nutrition

Megan came to me as a 6 time regional athlete eating less than 1700 calories! We have slowly added calories and seen her body composition improve and her performance and recovery go through the roof. I’m excited for more great things to come Megan! Thanks for letting me be part of your journey!

“I don’t normally like posting selfies like this because I’m usually like “not sure what to do with my hands” and feel awkward AF. However, I have to give credit where credit is due. A few months ago, I was noticing I was starting to put on a couple pounds. So unsure what to do, I tried decreasing my fat intake (I was eating about 45g at the time and dropped it to 35-40g). Well as time went on, I started feeling really crappy. I had very low energy, my training had no “umph” in it, and I started having hormone issues (missing cycles). So after watching a podcast with Jason Phillips, I immediately contacted iN3 Nutrition to get some coaching. They hooked me up with Cassidy and I saw immediate results. She increased my food intake, educated me on nutrient timing, and has taught me soooo much thus far. I dropped about 6 pounds from the photo on the left and am eating more food now than ever. AND she continues to gradually add food. It’s just been one month since joining iN3 Nutrition and I am feeling better than ever, seeing physical results (photo on the right) but most importantly my hormones have gotten back on track. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!” Megan Scales

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