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Aaron Singerman gets real with Jason.  Aaron talks about his drug addiction and how he changed his life around, the struggles in business, and gives hints on where he is going in the future.  Aaron is all about passion, drive, and intelligence.

“You are never going to make enough money to buy a Porsche by doing something you hate.”

-Aaron Singerman

“You have to grasp the opportunities.”

-Aaron Singerman


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[8:36] – Aaron’s background

[11:08] – Are steroids the gateway drug?

[16:50] – Where Aaron changed his life around

[26:55] – How Aaron made a name for himself

[31:30] – Aaron is now living his passion

[37:05] – Where Black Stone began

[40:40] – Time and success change people

[49:00] – First day after leaving Black Stone

[56:30] – Beginning of RedCon 1 and the list


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